Generate links to your other blog posts automatically using Jekyll/Liquid

Since I’ve been getting some traffic to my github-pages blog via Reddit and LinkedIn, I thought it would be a good idea to start looking at the Google Analytics page. I didn’t really know why I was signing up for Analytics when I first started this blog, but I guess I thought it was cool to be tied in to such a comprehensive metrics system. However, using the system in a somewhat-serious fashion now, I was exposed to the concept of “bounce rate”, which gave a name to a phenomenon I was familiar with. Essentially, bounce rate is what % of users view only 1 page on your site, then leave (i.e. bounce1). It sounded like a gross marketing term, and I, as a noble programmer, wanted no part of it. But it dawned on me that there was no point in me writing these articles if nobody would ultimately be exposed to them.

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